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complete panic in one screenshot

Person: *reblogs my post*
Me: oh thank god they still follow me


Tobio-chan is doki-ed and confused

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finding a new favorite character like


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Are you an offensive blogger or a defensive blogger

Im a healer, Im good in raids

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story time with little levy ♪

This was drawn for my friend eqqlo, a kinda belated bday gift, haha.

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"israeli soldiers are only doing it because they HAVE to" "israel loves palestinian children more than their barbaric fathers - otherwise they wouldn’t use ~human shields~” “most israelis are moderate, nice people!!!”

most israelis are moderate, nice people!!!”

"Three out of four are in favour of segregated roads for Israelis and Palestinians in the West Bank, and 58% believe Israel already practises apartheid against Palestinians, the poll found.

A third want Arab citizens within Israel to be banned from voting in elections to the country’s parliament. Almost six out of 10 say Jews should be given preference to Arabs in government jobs, 49% say Jewish citizens should be treated better than Arabs, 42% would not want to live in the same building as Arabs and the same number do not want their children going to school with Arabs.”

Source: Israeli poll finds majority would be in favour of Apartheid policies.

"If you’re late, I’ll kill you.”

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 Natsu’s reaction to Lucy’s death- requested by: weareallfuckingawesome


hana-chan asks important life questions


hey kids u wanna buy some drugs